Over the last 4 or 5 carp fishing seasons I have been playing around with different types of bait presentation while incorporating the chod rig. I have been having quite a lot of success when using a very slack line with chod rigs with takes being fast and furious!

The rig doesn’t seem to lend itself to tight line approach as the mechanics are just all wrong and there would be nothing worse on my local waters than fishing a rig on a tight line, you would I believe be wasting your time with this approach.

Carp Fishing and Bite Indication
Carp Fishing and Bite Indication

Running Leads

Last season I also played around with running leads and at first, I had to overcome a mindset that I had developed that said you need a fixed lead to make short rigs with sharp hooks work effectively. I had been using fixed and semi fixed leads for years so it was a real leap of faith to put my trust in what I thought was a very unrefined approach. In conjunction with chod rigs, slack lines and running leads I had my best ever season on my local club water and ended up being the top rod on the venue.


I have been using the Fox sliding swinger set up for bite indication for years and I know they are ‘unfashionable’ but I really value the fine tuning you can get with this type of indicator. When I am fishing slack lines I just slide the barrel back and I have nice light indicator that is still able to register fine delicate movements and when I’m fishing in a tight line situation i.e. near snags then I will use the full weight of the barrel and again it’s so simple, effective and versatile it covers me for just about any carp fishing situation.

Carp Fishing
Carp Fishing

When to Use Back Leads

I hardly use a fixed lead set up when I incorporate a back lead as I find that when a carp picks up my bait on a fixed lead system fished in conjunction with a back lead it is able to move around quite a bit without giving me any bite indication. A running lead comes into its own when fished with a back lead, and is one of the reasons that I have done well simply because a running lead fished in conjunction with a back lead is very sensitive and any movement is clearly indicated.

If you have yet to try a running lead approach, I would suggest you give it a go especially if everyone else is on fixed and semi fixed approaches, it’s really made a difference to my carp fishing.

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