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Are you an experienced and intrepid surfer who loves the thrill of riding those fast lines and make beautiful aerial tricks? Then you already know that choosing the perfect short surfboard is crucial for the outcome of the performance. Enjoy those sharper and faster waves, indulge yourself in the breathtaking experience of being king or queen of the sea aboard your ultimate short surfboard but then, don’t forget to take good care of your little gem with

The appropriate surfboard bag. You certainly do not want to cause damages to your sled as you move it or as you travel with it. Surfboards can be expensive and you know how fragile they can be, so you should definitely invest in a surfboard travel bag to reduce the chances of having to buy a new surfboard anytime soon. So, keep reading this article, we have compiled a useful review that will surely help you out.

PAMGEA Surfboard Sock – Lightweight Board Bag

If you are looking for an affordable lightweight product this surfboard sock is your match. With its stretchy fabric and high-quality materials, this bag is almost a perfect fit for whichever size you pick. Customers loved its neat colors and most of all the fast shipping and delivery. Few users suggested choosing this particular surfboard sock 2 inches larger than the actual board length just to feel more comfortable le with the purchase.

NEW Surfboard Bag DAY Surfboard Cover – Supermodel SHORTBOARD – by Curve size 5’6 to 7’2

This is the perfect daylight protection for your surfboard. The thick padding efficiently protects the surfboard from

UV light. And if you need more space for your gear, this surfboard bag has a pocket that opens into it in which you can store extra stuff. It is easy to carry around thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap and the handle. Customers appreciated the super affordable price and, of course, the top quality.

Quiver9  Surfboard travel cover for shortboards and fun boards 

If you are looking for original designs then this surfboard should be your pick, not just because it’s on sale. With the
Terrific designs also comes an attention to the quality as this board was engineered to resist different kind of weather

Conditions. The padding makes it perfect for long-term storage and any kind of travel. Users are really enjoying it,from the graphics to the high-quality protection, all at a super low price.

Curve Surfboard Bag Travel FISH Single with 20mm Foam

You can’t miss out on this. This surfboard travel bag features different sizes, from 5’6 to 7’3. The extra foam on the already padded nose and tail gives the surfboard an ultimate protection. People really love surfboard bags by Curve, because they are long-lasting, fit perfectly and deliver the same quality as the more expensive firms.

Creatures of Leisure Universal Day Use SHORTBOARD Cover Bag

Customers love the minimal, slim fit design of the Creatures of Leisure board bags.This,in particular, offers the  needed protection for daily handling and not for airplane travel. For a great price, you will also enjoy durable zippers and an ergonomic shoulder strap. The slim fit is probably what users acclaim the most: your surfboard won’t slide in it as

You move it around and it is less likely that it will get damaged.

Open Road Goods Surfboard Bag/Surfboard Sock Cover Travel Bag

Handmade! Ranging from 5’2 to 1O’, these covers should be your choice if you are planning to protect your sled while supporting the craft of passionate artisans who carefully design these handmade surfboard covers. The thickness of the fabric delivers a good protection, but the customers praised the art and craft of the artisans, they loved the original

Design and the quality of the material. Draw the string of your handmade surfboard bag and take it with you in complete safety. You will be surprised at how many people will compliment you for the bag.

Dakine Surf Daylight Noserider Bag

Dakine is well known in the industry of surfboard bags for being durable. This Daylight bag features heavy duty and water-resistant materials. It is perfect for day to day use but some users reported being able to travel by airplane with it without any damage to their surfboard. The high-quality materials combined with the long-lasting zippers and shoulder strap make this product a go-to for lots of surfers out there.

Final Verdict: Whether you are a professional surfer or you just started riding waves, you should always make sure that your surfboard – long or short – is ready for your next ride, and by ready we mean damage-free. For this reason, it is important that the care of your gem starts from having the appropriate surfboard bag for each occasion. We hope

That this guide will help you out with your purchase. We care about your surfboards and most of all, we care about the safety of all the surfers.

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