Over the last 4 or 5 carp fishing seasons I have been playing around with different types of bait presentation while incorporating the chod rig. I have been having quite a lot of success when using a very slack line with chod rigs with takes being fast and furious!

Top 9 ice fishing reels 2019

Rank Product Name Score 1 Ming Yang CL25 Ice Fishing Baitcast Reel By Ming Yang 9. 7 Check Price Check Price 2 Ming Yang…

How to Properly Release A Fish

With the growing interest in Catch & Release, it is important to know the correct way to release fish to ensure its survival.

fly fishing for carp Picture

Bob James and John Bailey have been well known anglers in the United Kingdom for many a year now with strings of books, countless…

Crab Trimming Tool

Necessity is the mother of invention is quite true in the fly tying world and I am one of the one’s that tries to…

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