So you have saved up booked your holiday to the Northern Territory for the barramundi fishing trip of a life time. The mission to catch the huge barramundi, that you have been dreaming of catching for years.

Are barramundi fishing charter’s worthwhile
Are barramundi fishing charter’s worthwhile

You may even feel exceptionally confident of easily bagging your prized barramundi, since you are proficient at catching them in your local dam.

The main problems you are faced with when away on a fishing holiday are:

No1: unless you have an extended amount of time to work out the local conditions for barramundi fishing, you may struggle to bag that huge barramundi with your name written all over it.

No 2: It’s unlikely you will have your best fishing gear with you when you are away on holidays.

The last thing you want to have happen is to hook up the barramundi of a life time only to lose it before you get it in because the gear you where using wasn’t up to the job.

The easiest and quickest way to catch the prized barramundi is to go on a charter or with someone with exceptional local knowledge. If you are unsure which fishing guide to use I would suggest you head to the local pub and ask a few of the patron’s. You will very quickly be told in no uncertain terms, which are the best guide’s to go with.

The advantages of local knowledge are many, you can’t beat the knowledge of someone who fishes the area regularly. They know all the tips and tricks, which bait or lures to use, which tides to fish, what gear is required, what parts of the river or lake produce the quality fish, the list goes on and on.

Because the elements are so dramatically different between say Lake Awoonga near Gladstone and the Daly river in the Northern Territory. If you are used to fishing in Lake Awoonga you can’t expect to just turn up at the Daly river, go barramundi fishing and achieve the same results you are use to getting using the same gear and tactics and visa versa.

barramundi fishing
barramundi fishing

To me anyway money spent on a decent barramundi fishing charter is money well spent when you come home with the pictures of the huge barramundi of a lifetime that the charter operator hooked you up with.

The proof is in the pudding I suppose the picture below is of one of the guys I worked with on the Darwin LNG project. Having a look at the size of the barramundi he is holding do you think he was glad that he decided to go with a local charter??

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