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Bob James and John Bailey have been well known anglers in the United Kingdom for many a year now with strings of books, countless articles, TV and radio appearances, lectures, teach-ins and a host of guided trips on their CV.

Necessity is the mother of invention is quite true in the fly tying world and I am one of the one’s that tries to develop tools that help with or make my tying faster.

There is no doubt that the Czech nymphing style of fishing is very effective and can catch lots of fish. But it’s not always accepted by some anglers as being a legitimate technique that can be called fly fishing.

As a fly fishing guide my job is to help our guests have a great day on the water. Although there is much, much more to a great day on the water than the number of fish in the net a good day of “catching” never hurts.

So you have saved up booked your holiday to the Northern Territory for the barramundi fishing trip of a life time. The mission to catch the huge barramundi, that you have been dreaming of catching for years.

Fly Fishing Beginners Rods & Reels is our today’s discussion topic. All right Fly fishing beginners – There are three major kinds of fly fishing rods

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