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Fifteen years ago my brother and I were just coming into the surfing scene, we were the pure definition of beginners and we couldn’t even stand on a surfboard and maintain our balance while the board was still on the beach. A few weeks of surfing lessons from a couple of our classmates were coming in handy, we could bodysurf our way into the ocean with some degree of confidence. Finally, we decided to take one of our dad’s surfboard, without permission and headed into the waters, we took turn teasing the ocean but not riding any real wave, my brother had the guts and took the board further where the ‘serious’ waves hit. He ended up losing the board and was brought ashore by some surfers who found him shouting for help. Later we learnt from our mistakes and wouldn’t want anyone else to repeat them How to choose…

If you’re a surfer, there’s a pretty good chance traveling is in your blood. Regardless of whether you’re taking a cross-continental flight to catch the next swell or simply searching for that untouched spot on your local stretch, the need to explore is often just as great as the need to surf, but traveling with your board can mean some unexpected consequences if you’re not prepared.

Surfing runs in our family. Being one with the waves is not alien for any of us. Last week, it was time my younger brother was introduced to the adrenaline rush. He is of the ambitious type and does not stay in one place. So after he got his new board wet for the first time, I reminded him about the importance of keeping that longboard in pristine condition for all his trips.

Wakesurfing can and will help define your life in many ways. Wakesurf for fun, wakesurf for competition, or wakesurf to see what happens in your life! Every day people in this world are looking for ways to better themselves.

Surfing has been around for a long time and is rumored to have started out on small island nations such as Hawaii. The sport has now spread to the rest of the world with brands like Roxy, wesc as well as animal clothing. Although this might seem like the birthplace of surfing historians are still unsure as to the origins of this amazing sport.

Costa Rica is the most visited country in Central America for a reason. You will most of the time be able to get a deal which includes your flights and accommodation in Costa Rica for a better price than if you booked these separately.

A surfboard fin is the heart of surfing. It will attach you to a wave and set out the way in which your board will manage surfing. There all kinds of surfboard fins available in the market.

Getting a fin that is stocked firmly can get disconcerting. Maybe this is why most surfers duck out of surfing, without the knowledge of all the fun they are missing out on. Hence, in this article, we reviewed four of the best surfboard fins.

Are you an experienced and intrepid surfer who loves the thrill of riding those fast lines and make beautiful aerial tricks? Then you already know that choosing the perfect short surfboard is crucial for the outcome of the performance. Enjoy those sharper and faster waves, indulge yourself in the breathtaking experience of being king or queen of the sea aboard your ultimate short surfboard but then, don’t forget to take good care of your little gem with The appropriate surfboard bag. You certainly do not want to cause damages to your sled as you move it or as you travel with it. Surfboards can be expensive and you know how fragile they can be, so you should definitely invest in a surfboard travel bag to reduce the chances of having to buy a new surfboard anytime soon. So, keep reading this article, we have compiled a useful review that will…

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