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This guide will help you to select the best fishing line required for specific condition. We have tried to provide in-depth information for you. Right decision in choosing the right line can help you in catching more fishes.

Your reel is a very important part of your fishing tackle. You cannot use the same reel with any rod. You cannot even use the same reel in all fishing conditions if you care your success rates.

Catching a trout is a challenge, no doubt. Even the most experienced anglers have trouble catching this fish. Trout can be found in lakes and some river areas.

Flounder are also known as fluke in some northern states. It is highly sought after during the summer because this fish bites throughout the summer. They have well-developed teeth.

The bass has a wide range of choice when it comes to food selection. Their prey can range a wide variety of animals and insects that swim, fly, crawl, hop and slither.

Hundreds of people are caught up in boating accidents each year; as a result of alcohol use, overload, faulty personal flotation devices which lead to drowning and other serious injuries and at times fatal accidents.

Like it or not, bluefish are cannibals, angry, strong, bullying, aggressive, sharp teethed, ferocious and hard fighting in nature.

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a long and flexible stick used for fishing. The length of a fishing rod usually is between 12 inches and 20 feet.

Why is the fishing near jetties and piers so important? The reason is simple these are two most important and most productive places to find fishes.

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