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Surfing has been around for a long time and is rumored to have started out on small island nations such as Hawaii. The sport has now spread to the rest of the world with brands like Roxy, wesc as well as animal clothing. Although this might seem like the birthplace of surfing historians are still unsure as to the origins of this amazing sport.

Costa Rica is the most visited country in Central America for a reason. You will most of the time be able to get a deal which includes your flights and accommodation in Costa Rica for a better price than if you booked these separately.

A surfboard fin is the heart of surfing. It will attach you to a wave and set out the way in which your board will manage surfing. There all kinds of surfboard fins available in the market.

Getting a fin that is stocked firmly can get disconcerting. Maybe this is why most surfers duck out of surfing, without the knowledge of all the fun they are missing out on. Hence, in this article, we reviewed four of the best surfboard fins.

Are you an experienced and intrepid surfer who loves the thrill of riding those fast lines and make beautiful aerial tricks? Then you already know that choosing the perfect short surfboard is crucial for the outcome of the performance. Enjoy those sharper and faster waves, indulge yourself in the breathtaking experience of being king or queen of the sea aboard your ultimate short surfboard but then, don’t forget to take good care of your little gem with The appropriate surfboard bag. You certainly do not want to cause damages to your sled as you move it or as you travel with it. Surfboards can be expensive and you know how fragile they can be, so you should definitely invest in a surfboard travel bag to reduce the chances of having to buy a new surfboard anytime soon. So, keep reading this article, we have compiled a useful review that will…

Popularly known as kook cords and leg ropes, surf leashes have been the lifesaving gear everyone has needed while surfing. Introduced in the 1970s, surf leashes are now an integral part of the holy trinity including the surfboard and the wetsuit. A surfboard leash helps one keep their feet placed on the surfboard when a big wave comes up and possess the threat to throw you off.

Every surfer who has had a sensational riding experience will not fail to mention that the surfboard wax they used played a vital role in their amazing experience. So what is a surfboard? It is a compound of either artificial or natural wax made of a combination of paraffin, vegetable oil or beeswax, which is a more natural option. Some manufacturers add petroleum jelly, to form softer wax.

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