5 Best Surfboard reviews 2023

5 Best Surfboard reviews 2023

5 Best Surfboard reviews 2023: Fifteen years ago my brother and I were just coming into the surfing scene, we were the pure definition of beginners and we couldn’t even stand on a surfboard and maintain our balance while the board was still on the beach.

A few weeks of surfing lessons from a couple of our classmates were coming in handy, we could bodysurf our way into the ocean with some degree of confidence.

Finally, we decided to take one of our dad’s surfboard, without permission and headed into the waters, we took turn teasing the ocean but not riding any real wave, my brother had the guts and took the board further where the ‘serious’ waves hit.

He ended up losing the board and was brought ashore by some surfers who found him shouting for help. Later we learnt from our mistakes and wouldn’t want anyone else to repeat them

How to Choose a Surfboard

It’s important to know you can’t just pick any type of board and hit the waves, there are factors that must be considered first. Highlighted Below are pointers to enable you to choose the right surfboard.

  • Age and skill

The age and skill are factors to consider while buying a surfboard. You can’t buy your 5-foot child a 9-foot surfboard. It’s important that you get them a board that is appropriate for their height.

Skills are also important, beginners aren’t like pro suffers they will need to have a board with a bigger volume for more stability in the water.

As the level of skill increases so does your freedom to choose a surfboard that fits your style.

  • Body size

As a surfer, your height and weight play an integral part in determining the most appropriate board for you to use.

The volume of the board is the key consideration here meaning the bigger your body build the bigger your board size needs to be.

  • Surfboard cost

At times our purchasing capability is limited by our finances. Therefore you may want a certain type of surfboard but you may not be able to afford it,

you should consider opting for a cheaper option like a used one on craigslist or you can even rent until you get enough money to buy one.

  • Type of wave

Different waves require different surfing board. As you continue to surf you will learn the different requirements from each type of wave to enable you to fully enjoy it.

Giantex 6 ft. surfboard

The Giantex surfboard has a bigger volume it offers better buoyancy for the case of a beginner though since it is a shortboard and will require a different stand-up technique than that of a longboard.

The Giant surfboard is a perfect beginner’s board that teaches them those duck diving techniques and for learning faster manoeuvres.

The board is currently available in a different retail platform for only 68 dollars which is a great value for money. It comes with some beautiful decorations on its surface so there is no need to buy additional customization stickers. The board has a maximum weight limit of 200 Lbs.

North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster Surfboard 

The North gear is a sleekly 6 feet tall fun board with a stylish decorative pattern on its surface. It comes with a leash and traction pad to facilitate you with an easy time when you want to deal with it.

The board can be used by children and adults and for both beginners and pro surfers provided they are within the manufacturers stated weight limit of 220 Lbs (100 kgs).

It has a polypropylene hard slick bottom that facilitates the high-speed performance you may desire in the water. The board is currently retailing in a different retail platform for only 87 dollars.

Liquid shredder FSE EPS/PE soft surfboard

The shredder is a fantastic high-performance fun board, its slick design and shape enable easy manoeuvrability in the water which provides a great surfing experience.

This board is ideal for intermediate and pro suffers as well who are under 5 feet 8 inches and do not exceed 150 Lbs (68 kgs). The board is currently going for 152 dollars on Amazon.

It lacks a leash so it’s highly recommended that you buy one that’s if you can’t operate a board without one. The board is dull and is in need of some customization, you can buy some customization stickers.

Catch surf beater original 54

This board is absolutely Colourful and it is available in several vibrant colours, it’s currently one of the best surfboards available out here. With its short frame, it makes the board a perfect fit for pro surfers who want to pull off some stunts and maybe hit the soft waves just near the shore.

It’s a light fish board that gives you more control and more manoeuvrability and you will have no problem carrying it around with you. The surf beater 54 is slightly pricey with a price tag of 190 dollars but it will be worth it since the board is built to last and perform.

Rock It 5’8” Albert soft top surfboard

Rock It 5’8” Albert soft top surfboard

It is a fish board meaning it has a wide nose and narrows as towards the end where it forms a swallow’s tail. The board’s surface is in dull and if you decide to buy it you can also buy stickers to customize it if you want.

The board is lightweight, easy to handle and also easy to carry it around with you. The Rock it Albert surfboard is capable of handling weights of up to 175 Lbs (78 kgs) and is therefore Ideal for beginners and kids, this is in addition to its relatively small and wide build.


This is without a doubt the best surfboard review of 2023, with the tips on choosing a surfboard and the top 5 surfboard choices we have outlined you should then you should have enough to help you make an informed decision when purchasing that new board.

Depending on your size and skill level you may want to try out either of the five boards, each possesses a something unique for everyone.

As you try and catch a wave on your own or with a couple of friends you will obviously want to maximise the fun and do a stunt or two during the surf and all this can be done when you get the right board.

Final Verdict

Fifteen years later when my brother and I go back to the beach we carry our own surfboards each suited to our specific styles of surfing. We learnt from our mistakes and right now we can confidently call ourselves pro surfers.

In my opinion, the Liquid shredder is the board for everyone it can cater for every one of different skill levels and its high-performance capabilities make it even more appealing.

Try to make the most of your surf time and even record some of our moves on a go pro, this always pushes us further and you may get to learn from mistakes that you make.





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