An Ultimate Guide to Surfboard Wax 2023

An Ultimate Guide to Surfboard Wax 2023

Every surfer who has had a sensational riding experience will not fail to mention that the surfboard wax they used played a vital role in their amazing experience.

So what is a surfboard? It is a compound of either artificial or natural wax made of a combination of paraffin, vegetable oil or beeswax, which is a more natural option. Some manufacturers add petroleum jelly, to form softer wax.

Striking scents such as coconut may also be added to give the wax an appealing scent. Surfboard wax is applied on the surfboard’s deck. So what is its use? Surfboards get slithery after they become wet.

Therefore, surfboard wax is applied on the surfboard to prevent surfers from tumbling off the surfboard as they are paddling or surfing.

A surfboard wax attaches you to the surfboard for grip. Surfboard wax is also applied to enhance grip on paddles of boats such as a dragon. How do you use surfboard wax? Like we mentioned earlier, surfboard wax is applied on the surfboard.

So when applying it, just apply it on the standing area for adhesion. It is not a must you apply it on the rails. As you are stacking boards the wax will reach to the rails by itself. However, if you are a long boarder, you might need to apply surfboard wax on the whole deck.

Nevertheless, be careful not to apply too much wax since it will add extra weight to the surfboard, which is not needed. With that said, maybe you are going through a war preference of which is the best surf wax? Worry no more!

We created a list of 7 types of surf wax. We hope we by the end of the article, we will have found the surfboard tax that takes the best surfboard wax trophy home.

7 famous surf wax

There are different types of surf wax you will find in the market. They are all unique. The following are the top 7 types of surf wax.

Sticky Bumps Original Surf Board Wax

It is among the oldest surf waxes. It was founded in 1971. More than 4 million blocks have been artificially made through their eco-friendly procedure since then. This wax generates no waste, with all its parts being recyclable.

You do not need any special skills to apply this wax. Worried if this surfboard wax can be used in certain water temperatures?

You don’t have to! It can be used for all kinds of water temperatures. If you are a fan of different scents then this surfboard wax got you. It comes in various scents such as blueberry, coconut and grape. It also lasts for long and its price is pocket-friendly!

Sticky Bumps Surf Wax Base 

This wax is one of the most surfers’ favorite. It is designed for all kinds of water temperatures. This wax forms delineated bumps for an optimum gripping while in the water. You also don’t require expertise to apply it.

It forms a base layer that is durable. You can note it instantly and many surfers love it. Its grabs create perfect gummy bumps best for your riding experience. It has been proven to enhance performance and it is not toxic either.

If you want to upgrade your surfing level then this is the wax you need. Try it and you might never use any other wax again!

Sex Wax Container with Comb

With a sex wax container with comb, you do not have to get worried about wax melting or getting smudged. It has a unique design which enhances easy extrication. The special bladder it has enables easy extortion of wax, which has melted after it solidifies.

The container has a soft surface. You can bulge the wax from the container, in case it sticks. If you are a lover of colors, then you are sorted! It comes in variegated colors which you can choose from.

You can select your best color that matches your surfing gear. Surfing does not have to be boring and dull, does it?

Mr. Zog’s Original Sex wax – Warm Water Temperature

It is an elegant pick for surfers. This wax was born in 1971. It is popular for the efficacious friction it offers across your feet and the board. This surfboard wax comes in various scents. You have numerous options to choose from.

Your sense of smell will surely thank you for any scent you select. You can use this wax in all types of water conditions. It generates amazing bumps since it is gummy enough. You will find it in online stores at fair prices.

With an original sex wax, be rest assured that your riding experience in warm water temperatures will be unforgettable! You will never want to surf in the warm water without this surfboard wax.

Double Barrel Surf Wax – Base Coat and Cool Water

If you want every clasping exertion available for any turbulent conditions, then a double barrel is the best option for you. It provides great friction. It is among the most durable waxes you will get.

This surfboard wax has been put to test and it can hold up both in cold and warm seasons. Have you always been wishing for a sweet coconut fragrance? Then this is the surf wax you need. It has that natural coconut sweet smell your sense of smell will love.

Its price wax is cost friendly. You can find it in online stores. It offers the best grasping. This surfboard wax is the best to go for if you are looking for something long-lasting.

Sticky Bumps Warm/Tropical Wax

The increase in water temperatures leads to breaking down of surf wax since it begins softening. You will need a hard wax to resist the temperature. If not, then the wax will definitely the meltdown.

There is no other better hard wax out there than sticky bumps/tropical wax. Applying it is easy. Its design builds up exceptional bumps, which enhance your riding.

You are a surfer and need a surfboard wax that will give you an indelible riding? Then get yourself tropical wax! Do not worry about the price since it is less expensive compared to other surfboard waxes.

Mr. Zog’s Original Sex Wax – Cold Water Temperature

It is an epic choice for surfers. It is commonly known for its high quality. You can use this wax for base coats and top coats. Its level of tackiness is what every surfer requires. The underfoot solidity it provides is top notch. You do not require a master’s degree to know how to apply this wax.

The cold water formula it has is soft enough to offer great traction in cold temperatures. The variety of fruit flavors it comes with will surely capture your sense of smell.

If you want to improve your riding and elevate your paddling grip in cold water temperatures, then you bought to get this surfboard wax.

At the end of the day, your objective as a surfer when choosing a surfboard wax is to get one that will make your riding experience a success by not slipping off your surfboard, right? All the surfboard waxes we listed are good.

However, the best surfboard wax every surfer should consider getting is the sticky bumps original surfboard wax. This surfboard wax can be used for all kinds of water temperatures whether, cold, warm or tropical.

It does not limit you to any water temperatures. Besides that, it comes with a variety of scents to choose from. Your smelling sense will surely be grateful for the amazing scents that this surfboard wax comes with.

Its durability is also remarkable. Surfing with sticky bumps original surfboard wax is the best decision any surfer can ever make.

However, when selecting the right surfboard wax, take your time and choose the one that you think is best for you.





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