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Hi guys, today’s I am sharing a most common question answer “Differences between Surfboard and Paddleboard”. So let’s get started

What is surfboard?

A surfboard can be defined as a long and narrow board on which you can ride to do the sport of surfing. This board allows you to stand on it to play along with the ocean waves.What is surfboard?

What is paddleboard?

A paddleboard is one kind of surfboard that has one rounded end and another pointed end and used in paddleboarding or surfing. Each paddleboard comes with a paddle with which you can propel along with the water standing on the board.
What is paddleboard?

Surfboards come with more rockers that help to drive on the wave. Paddles boards are equipped with flat rockers that help in gliding and tracking.

 Surfboards come with lower foam volume (25-80 liters approximately) where surfboards come with lower foam volume (100 liters approximately.

Surfboards come with a variety of shapes and paddleboards come with flat shapes and a thicker design

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