Queensland’s Lake Monduran was thrown into the world spotlight in December last year when a record barramundi was pulled from its waters.

Have you been Barramundi Fishing in Lake Monduran yet
Have you been Barramundi Fishing in Lake Monduran yet?

Fishing from his kayak, Denis Harrold landed the 44.6kg fish, surpassing the previous world record of 37.85 kilograms, held since 1999.

Lake Monduran Holiday Park manager Rob Howell said there were still plenty of monster fish in the lake.

“Lake Monduran has always been known as a great barramundi fishing spot,” he said.

“But this record catch last year really put us on the world stage. It’s firmly entrenched us in fishing history and shows we are Australia’s top barra spot. There are still plenty of giants out there – catching them is the hard part!”

Lake Monduran Holiday Park is an ideal spot for a quick mid-week break. It sits right on the lake, with a holiday house, cabins or camp sites to choose from.

Hire a big barra boat or book a professional charter. Barramundi is the lake’s staple, but it is also stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, saratoga and silver perch.

For a quieter stay, you might enjoy a bush walk on the many tracks surrounding the park or simply sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet with a good book and a cold beer.

The park features a fish cleaning table, picnic areas, electric BBQs, modern amenities, camp kitchens and an onsite kiosk. They even sell bait, tackle, ice and gas. You can catch up on your emails with their free wireless internet, but don’t forget to bring your laptop.

Whether you’re after water views or a bush setting, a true camping experience or a little more comfort in the cabins, Lake Monduran offers something for everyone.

The park is located in the heart of the Wild Scotsman country, between Childers and Miriamvale and one hour west of Bundaberg in the town of Gin Gin.

It is part of Escape2 Holiday Parks and Resorts, a group of 13 unique properties across five Australian states.

Barramundi Fishing in Lake Monduran
Barramundi Fishing in Lake Monduran

Their claim is that they combine fantastic outdoor environments with best in class hospitality and modern amenities, making it easy to experience the simple pleasures of the great outdoors. This couldn’t be more true at Lake Monduran Holiday Park.

Over the previous year Queensland dams have undergone a complete refurbishment. By saying this I mean they have all had a much needed flush of fresh water and are all at 100 per cent capacity.

Lake Monduran is no exception, eight months after the flooding we are still seeing surrounding creeks and rivers that enter the dam trickle with crystal clear water bringing with a new lease of life. The country side around the lake is blossoming with birdlife, wildlife and native flora/fauna whilst under the water line there has been another transformation with an explosion of baitfish, newly formed weed beds and lily pads. Our native freshwater species need running freshwater to spawn and they’ve done exactly that.

We have had some miss calculated rumours of our lake losing all of our Barra over the dam wall, the truth of the matter is that only a small percentage has left the dam to head to the sea as their natural spawning instinct tells them it’s time whilst the majority will head towards the flowing water.

Over the past year we have had ongoing meetings with people in the marine industry who are experts on Barra migratory patterns and the conclusive outcome is that we did lose an estimated 15000 barra. So let’s put this into perspective when we take into consideration that the Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association (MASA) have stocked 1.5 million Barra over the previous 15 years there are still a massive amount of Barra in the lake

With the warmer weather on the approach the Barra will start to get active and feeding patterns will soon be predictable. As usual these fish will feed along windward banks, points and big shallow bays with established weed beds. The key to fishing successfully for Barra is persistence, stealth, variable lure presentation and a wide range of lures.

Water temperature is another major asset when finding fish, the warmer the water the more active the fish will be. If the fish are there and you can’t get them to bite vary your technique and lure selection and if you still can’t get them to bite leave the area and return again and again as it might be just a bite time that will turn them on.

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