Very often we need to ship our longboard from one country to another. In a different article, I have discussed the topic “How to ship a surfboard?” Recently, we got a frequent question, “How much to ship a longboard?”

If you are not wise enough you may choose the wrong way to ship it. As a result, you will have to cost a lot more than the real cost. Worry not, I am here to discuss this fact and give you some tips for shipping. So, further wasting any more time, let’s get into the main part.

How much to Ship a Longboard
How much to Ship a Longboard

How much to Ship a Longboard?

The shipping charge depends on the country or state you want to ship. I will show the approximate idea of the shipping cost for domestic and overseas shipping.

Ship to the Domestic Area

• Commercial delivery: It costs the least. For 1 board ur costs $170-$185, 2 boards $250-$270, and 3 boards $300-$330

• Customer Will-Call @DHL Global Fowarding Terminal: The cost is the same as the commercial delivery.

Residential Delivery: it costs higher than the above delivery charges. 1 board costs $230, 2 boards cost $320, 3 boards cost $375.

Hawaii Shipping

• Honolulu airport pickup (Airfreight): 1 board costs $29, 2 boards cost $37, 3 boards cost $47, and 4 boards cost $48.

• Honolulu Port pick up (Ocean freight): Cost for 1 board $25, 2 board $30, 3 boards $34, 4 boards $35

International Shipping

International shipping charge is different from one country to another. Most of the shippings go to Japan and Australia. In shipping to Japan, it costs from $270 to $450 (vary from different states). In Australia, it costs $250-$350. The nearby country costs lower.

NB: if there is any promotional offer or any sale, you can get ship it at a lower cost.

Tips for Shipping a Surfboard

You have already learned the approximate cost for shipping a longboard. Now, here are some tips for you to make it more cost-effective.

Proper Packing

The first thing to do is proper packaging. Make sure you have packed the board safely and everyone will understand that there is a surfboard. If you are shipping multiple longboards then use thick pads between 2 surfboards.

Check the Longboard before Packing

Make sure you have checked every single part of the board and also, note the defective places. No one wants to go to an argument with the shipping company about the pre-defected and newly defected issue.

Cost for One Surfboard and Cost for Multiple Surfboard

Did you know? Sometimes, the cost for shipping a single board and the cost for shipping multiple boards are almost the same. In such cases, you can find anyone willing to ship it in the same state. So, you can share the costs and save a big amount of money.

Buy an Insurance

It is always wise to buy insurance before shipping. Unfortunately, if your board gets wracked then you will find some aid.

Ship it to a Business Address

Shipping your longboard to any business address will save 10-50% of the total shipping cost. The main reason is business offices are more likely to be around the distribution center. So, first, ask the price for the business area then compare it with the home address.

Don’t Sign Without Checking

On Christmas morning, you are waiting for your present and see the delivery man. You get so excited and sign the delivery paper and unpack the board. Did you know, you have already signed the paper that says “You have got your product safely undamaged.”

So, never sign that paper without checking your longboard tail to nose.


I think you have alert get enough idea about the topic “How much to ship a longboard surfboard?” There are different shipping companies. I always suggest using any renowned brand who are trustworthy.

Must check out the tips I have discussed. Ask your friend how much it costs for them. Look for offer and wisely take a decisions.

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