A ding on a surfboard doesn’t always mean you have to go to a repair shop. You can fix it by yourself. If you are a beginner then you will face these problems more often. So, every surfer should learn how to fix surfboard dings. Learn “How to Fix Surfboard Dings – Easiest Steps to Fix Quickly”

Recently, I have prepared an article about this topic. I have sorted-out the steps one by one. Here, I will show you the easiest steps to prepare the minor surfboard dings. So, keep reading and learn in-depth.

How to Fix Surfboard Dings – Easiest Steps to Fix Quickly

Step 1: Gather the necessary equipment

Before starting you have to gather some necessary supplies. If you have a complete ding repair kit then you don’t need anything else. If you don’t have you have to buy the following tools.

  • Sandpaper (100 or 80 grit, plus 220 grit)
  • Safety glass
  • Mask
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Masking tape
  • Wax comb
  • Paintbrush
  • Sanding resin
  • Q-Cell
  • Knife
  • Acetone
  • Catalyst

Step 2: Remove the damaged & rotten area

For a new ding, you don’t need to remove much. Just wait till it dry. If it is a past ding then remove the rotten area.

Step 3: Clean the area

Use wax comb and acetone to remove wax and other particles. When they are removed, clean it and use sandpaper to sand down the particular area.

Step 4: Protection of the nearby area

Use masking tape to protect the surrounding areas. It will help in repairing and minimize sanding requirements.

Step 5: Fill the voids/gaps with Q-cell

Take a mixing cup and place sanding resin (1 ounce). Now stir in Q-Cell slowly and create a thick paste. Add 10 catalyst drop and again stir slowly. Now apply the paste on the dinged area.

This step is required only for big voids or holes.

Step 6: Sand down the area

Now sand the area Q-Cell mixture gets flat with the board. If you are a beginner then you may face some problems. Day by day you will get a more accurate idea about sanding that accommodates the resin coat.

Step 7: Glass the repair

You need to cut 2 circular pieces of fiberglass. 2 pieces will be different in size, one will be slightly bigger than the other. Make sure, both of them are bigger than the damaged area. Now mix 10 catalyst drops and 1-ounce sanding resin. Stir the mixture until the mixture starts to warm up.

Step 8: Apply the mixture

Take the small fiberglass sheet and place it on the damaged area. Now take a paintbrush and apply the resin mixture and let the fiberglass to absorb the resin. Follow the same procedure for the bigger glass.

Step 9: Again sand the area

Wait until the resin is harder. When it is hard enough then use sandpaper to sand again. Look after the edges and bulge. Be gentle while sanding.

Step 10: Add a hot coat

Again create another mixture with another layer of resin and some catalyst drops. Add it to the place.

Step 11: Final sanding and polishing

Now apply wet sand on the area using high grip paper (320-600 grit). Make sure you have matched the finishing compared to the board. Finally, use a polisher and diamond-cut compounds for a shiny look.

Step 12: Leave it for 24-48 hours

The repair is done. Wait for 1-2 days for the final and your surfboard is ready to surf again.


Here you need to know something more about ding repairing. So, keep reading.

  • Must use the safety glass and mask before starting.
  • If the ding is major then you better take the surfboard to the professionals.
  • Must clean the surfboard before repairing. I have a detailed article on this topic “How to clean a surfboard?” Check out the article by clicking here.
  • Be gentle while sanding and creating mixture.
  • Always keep your surfboard clean for avoiding dings and damages.


So, does it seem easy now? I have described the easiest ways to fix surfboard dings. There are 11 main steps but all of them are simple. Just be cautious while cleaning and applying the repairing mixture. Hopefully, you will have no more questions on the topic “How to fix surfboard dings?”