How to Glass A Surfboard

How to Glass A Surfboard

How to Glass A Surfboard? While glassing a surfboard, surfers prefer making surfboards on their own. Beginners also try it but most of them end up making it a one-time surfboard.

It’s because they forget or neglect the most important part of making it that will ensure its durability and waterproof feature. And this part is glassing the board. So today, we are going to talking about how to glass a surfboard.

How to Glass A Surfboard

By not extending my words, I am going straight to describe the process step by step. It will be easy then to understand and follow the step while glassing the surfboard. But remember not to skip a single step. It’s because all of them are equally important in this case.


you will need the following ingredients to glass your surfboard.

• Fiberglass cloth
• Resin
• Mixing cups and mixing sticks
• Scissors
• Squeegee or a resin spreader
• Masking tape
• Chip brushes
• Power sander
• Sanding pads

Now, before moving the steps of glassing it, you have two tasks to handle. The first one is to prepare a glassing schedule. It means about how many layers of resin you love to use on the board. If it is a short board, you can try light layers. But the more layers you use, the heavier it will be.

The next task is to prepare the resin mixture. You have to take the resin and hardener with the right measurement. Specialists prefer it to 2: 1 in volume and 2.2: 1in weight. Measuring the weights is also necessary to get more accuracy.


Once you collect the ingredients and finish the following two tasks, you are now ready to glass the surfboard. Let’s check the steps in short of how to glass a surfboard.

Step 1: You have to start from the bottom of the Surfboard. So, first, roll out the fiberglass cloth and spread it.

Step 2: Cut the cloth evenly around the glass. You should also cut a notch near the hard corners where you need to wrap the clothes up.

Step 3: Then mix your resin. You can add any tints or color pigments with the resin if you want.

Step 4: Now, you can start pouring resin. Start it from the center of the board. Then spread it around the board towards the rails using the resin spreader.

Step 5: Now, saturate the overhanging cloth carefully. Then wrap it around the board. Make sure, it is finely wrapped and there is no bubble under the cloth.

Step 6: You can now finish tucking the rails. Then try to clean up the stray threads and wrinkles if there is any.

Step 7: When are using Epoxy, you’ll get a lot of time to fix mistakes. But if it is polyester resin kicks, you have to be extra careful as you won’t really be able to fix any mistake.

Step 8: Allow the bottom to get hard. When it is hard, flip the board and clean up the laps. You can use a medium grit sanding pad to clean it.

Step 9: Repeat the process of hardening and cleaning on the top.

Step 10: You have to start with the heavier weight cloth.

Step 11: Now, mix a little more resin as you have to use more glass.

Step 12: Then allow the top to cure. And again, clean up any laps and imperfections if there is any.

Step 13: At the end, remove dust and debris. Use denatured alcohol and a clean rag to do that.

Your board is now ready for the hot coat. Let’s see how to do that.

How to do it?

Step 1: First, use masking tape to tape around the rails. You can start it from midway on the rail.

Step 2: Mix your resin and start pouring it down the middle of the board.

Step 3: Use the chip brush to spread it. Continue the process towards the rails carefully.

Step 4: Now, use the brush to follow the rails at the tape line. You have to do the task quickly so that the resin layer can level itself on the board.

Step 5: You can remove the tape before the resin cures completely. And then, allow the top hot coat to fully cure.

Step 6: At the end, flip the board to tape the rails. And repeat the same process for the bottom

So, this is the easiest way to glass your surfboard.

You have seen that glassing your surfboard is not a very complicated task. But once you forget doing this, your diligence in preparing your surfboard will be for no good. So, there is no way you can avoid learning how to glass a surfboard if you plan to make one for yourself. Hopefully, you have now no confusion left on the process. Thank you for your time.





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