Surfboarding is fun but finding a place for hanging the board is annoying. Besides, if the room size is not big then it is a hassle. It may take almost one-third of the space. This problem can be solved easily by hanging them on the wall.

Hanging surfboards on the wall save a lot of space as well as works as a cool wall decoration. So, before getting approached to do it you need to know how to hang a surfboard on a wall? Today, I am here to discuss the topic in detail including 2 different ways. So, further prolonging the intro, let’s get into the main point.

surfboard wallrack
surfboard wall rack

Get a Proper Surfboard Wall Rack

The easiest way to hang it on the wall is by using a surfboard wall rack. There are different types of racks for different types of boards. If you have to hang only 1 board then you may choose one with a single place holder. If you need to hang multiple surfboards, then you should choose one with multiple rack holders.

You will find wall racks with different designs. Some racks come with a design that will properly display your surfboard. Some racks come with a great design that mainly showcases its own design.

Another major thing keeps in mind; the rack will be safe for the board. Make sure it won’t damage any part of the board by holding it even after a long period. You can check out different types of budget-friendly and durable wall racks on Amazon.

How to Hang a Surfboard on a Wall Horizontally?

Step 1
At first, place your surfboard on a table. Measure the distance between 2 points which will touch the rack. Most of the time the point remains on the place where the board begins to curve steeply. To keep the rack stable on the wall stud, the wall studs are positioned on the center (16 to 24 inches). Use wall anchors for ultimate safety.
Step 2
Use a stud finder and locate the studs at the measurement from the wall to the bottom point of the rack where you want to place it. Take a marker and mark the points on the stud.
Step 3
Now measure the distance between the rack and the marking point. Again take this measure and for the second Installation point.
Step 4

Now it’s time to position the bottom of the mounting portion. Just hold the first rack piece and directly position on the first marking point. Adjust it properly holding a level to the side. Now put a mark on the screw hole. Remove the rack. Take a drill machine and drill the marking point. Again position the rack to secure a perfect positioning.
Step 5
Follow the same procedure for the other part. Make sure you position it perfectly. Take an anchor and secure the rack perfectly on the wall. Now, properly place your surfboard on the rack.

How to Hang a Surfboard on a Wall Vertically?

Step 1
At first, take a stud finder and locate the into the perfect position. Find out the center and put a mark at the center. Take a messing tape and line up according to the center mark. Measure the height between the wall and the desired height where the bottom of the surfboard will be placed. Take a marker and mark the line.

Step 2
Put an acrylic anchor right up to the previous mark you have made. Also hold a spirit level just under the anchor. Adjust to a certain level and mark the screw holes. Now remove the anchor and drill pilot holes on the marking place. Position the anchor again and secure it using the mounting hardware.

Step 3
Measure the area from the bottom anchor to the point where the top anchor will hit. Mark the possible spot where the nose submerges to the deck of the board.

Step 4
Take a self-leveling laser and hold it between the top make and bottom anchor. Make sure they match perfectly into a line.

Step 5
Now properly position the center and keep the arms in line. Hold the top anchor to make sure of this positioning. Again mark the screw hole and remove the anchor. Using a drill machine create pilot holes. Now using the mounting kit, secure the anchor. Now hang your surfboard on the wall.

DIY Wall Mount

For getting a quality wall rack you must have to good a mid-amount of dollars. If you are not willing to cost on the wall rack, you can make a DIY wall mount. I am discussing the way of building a DIY mountain.
Step 1
Take the measurement of the length and width of your bracket. Cut wood according to the measurements.
Step 2
Get an idea of how long you should space out the brackets. Then screw them through the wood.
Step 3
Now place the wood pieces along with the brackets in the proper position where you want to screw the wall studs.
Step 4
Now put the word strips properly on the rack bracket. Finally, secure the strips with wood screws.
Step 5
Wrap some foam around the surface and put a rubber mat on the floor to keep your board undamaged from wood.

How to Mount Your Surfboard on a Wall Vertically

Display Ideas

  • You can display a single or multiple surfboards above any sofa or low profile furniture. (Hang horizontally)
  • You can place the surfboard on the hallway or entryway especially filling any narrow portion.
  • Just under the board you can position some hooks to hand grocery bag, towel, jacket, etc.
  • If there is an unexpected spot on the wall, you can cover it by placing your surfboard.

I have already discussed the topic “How to hang a surfboard on a wall?” I have discussed two different ways along with a DIY method to do it. If your room is wider then it’s better to hang them horizontally and if it is enough in height, then you can place the surfboard vertically. Hopefully, you have understood the proper way to hang your surfboard on a wall.

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