If you want to try an alternative to a skateboard, wave board will be the one, comes to your mind. Comparatively, a skateboard is pretty tougher to run but anyone can try a wave board very easily. If you also plan to learn about how to ride a wave board, you are on the right track.

First, you have to learn about the preparations that you have to ensure before riding a wave board. And then, I will disclose the fact about riding a wave board with easy steps. So, stay connected till the end.

How to Ride a Wave Board
How to Ride a Wave Board

Wave Board Riding Precautions

If it is your first ride, you have to take some necessary steps to avoid accidents. There is nothing to hide that a first rider has over 90% possibility to fall over while riding. So, you have to wear a stable helmet that can save your head.

Besides, you should also protect your bone joints like knees. For that, you have to wear protective padding. If you are even not a beginner, you should also use these pieces of protective equipment. Besides, make sure that you have tightened your helmet so that it will be sung on your head properly.

Riding Your Wave Board

How to Ride a Waveboard

The complete guides will be discussed with easy steps right below. Don’t even miss a single step if you wish to try riding it like a pro.

Step 1: First you have to tilt your wave board forward so that you can get on it. Now, step backward onto the panels.

Step 2: In this part, you have to push your heels on the board so that both panels will be flatted. Now, you are completely on your wave board over the ground.

Step 3: You have to get onto your wave board here to set off. Then, you should put your left foot at the front first and right foot on the second. Here, you have to understand on which foot you have more strength and you have to keep it on the front.

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Step 4:
The foot you have placed at the front will be the dominant one. And the other one will be the non-dominant foot. So, choose your foot first.

Step 5:
Now, it’s time to choose a method. You should choose the method which one you think is the best one for you to try first.

Step 6: You have to keep your dominant foot on the front of the wave board. Try to keep yourself sturdy. In this part, try to push yourself forward using your non-dominant foot. Make sure you are pushing gently against the ground. Make sure to keep your non-dominant foot on the board tail.

Step 7: No, it’s not a step but a warning. Make sure that you are not pushing the board too faster and rougher. It will make you make an accident instantly. Besides, you should adjust to the gentle motion and try to control it.

Step 8: Now, you must feel confident on your board and make a good balance between your body weight and the motion. Well, it’s not over here. Now, you have to wiggle the non-dominant foot so that you can gain speed. Besides, you have to move your non-dominant foot side by side with the dominant one.

Step 9: Now, you should try to move your hips with the motion direction of your non-dominant foot. It will help you wiggle your lower body left and right. It will help you propel the board forward and also to gain more speed.

Step 10: You should now practice turning when to push your feet in the contrasting sides. When you can wiggle to gain motions, you should take slow turns. Make sure that you are wiggling until you have learned the basic circuit.

Step 11: It’s the final step and here, you should stop wiggle so that you can reduce your speed. Now, lean forward on your board and tilt your feet forwards stop riding.

Try to capture the suggestion to take a break and stop riding your board. It’s because this part causes the most number of accidents.

Final Thought

Riding a wave board is not as easy as water but it’s not as difficult as riding a skateboard. Make sure that you have learned about how to ride a wave board properly. Don’t forget a simple step and try to follow them one after another. Be confident and never ever try it without your helmet and padding.

My anticipation will follow your success in riding your wave board. For any related information, you can just leave a comment here. Thank you for staying with us.

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