How to Ship a Surfboard – Easiest Way to Ship

How to Ship a Surfboard – Easiest Way to Ship

Carrying a surfboard while traveling is quite difficult as the size of a surfboard is big enough. To avoid this problem you can ship the surfboard to your holiday destination and save the extra luggage charge and also travel freely.

Moreover, if you start a surfboard business, you will have to deliver the product to your customers through shipping. But shipping a surfboard is not like normal product shipping because surfboards are often very fragile and large. So first you have to learn how to ship a surfboard and then apply it for real.

In this article, I am going to ease your path by giving an in-depth description of the process of shipping a surfboard. So stay tuned with us and read the whole article so that you can have immense knowledge of shipping a surfboard.

Things to Consider Before Shipping a Surfboard

Confirm the place and duration

Firstly you have to decide where you want to ship the surfboard and then how much time it will take. If you are shipping the surfboard for your purpose then contact a shipping company and then tell them about your destination and by how much time you need the product.

But if you are shipping a surfboard for a customer then carefully note down the place and the time by when he or she needs the product.

Be aware of the shipping cost

Before shipping a surfboard be sure how much it will cost to ship because costing varies depending on the size and place. While shipping for a customer, inform them about the shipping cost so that you don’t face any problem later.

Collect all the elements needed for shipping

You need some tools like cardboard, bubble wrap, wrapping tapes etc. for packing a surfboard well. Before getting the product ready, make sure that you have all things in your collection.

How to Ship a Surfboard?

There is a process you need to follow for shipping a surfboard, let’s learn about it.

Pack properly

For packing properly, you will need large cardboards in which the surfboard can be adjusted. But only cardboard will not be enough to protect your surfboard from the blunt forces while transporting it. Use bubble wrap or thick towels to make a second layer of protection.

For further safety, you can use some bumpers and then wrap the cardboard with wrapping tapes well. Lastly, add a label on which detail about the receiver or customer and destination will be mentioned.

Buy an insurance

Do not skip this part of buying insurance on your surfboard shipment because if anything happens while transporting the insurance can recover the loss.

Contact a shipping company

You need a trustworthy shipping company to ship a surfboard or any other products. Find a company from where you can make national and international shipments without having any tension.

Check the product before handover

Give a final check if everything is okay or not before handing over the surfboard to the shipping company and signing the paper. After the final check, give every detail to the shipping company, sign the paper, and take a receipt from them.

Tips for Shipping a Surfboard

• If you need to ship more than one surfboard at a time then ship them all together because it takes the same to ship one or four surfboards.

• Make sure that you have packed the surfboard well by putting in two or three layers of protection.

• Try to deliver the product to a business address because it always costs less.

• Must buy the insurance to avoid any kind of loss.

Shipping a surfboard needs some extra processing and so it is important to be aware of how to ship a surfboard. It’s not so easy as shipping other products but If you follow the correct procedure it is not so tough as well.

In the above article, I have tried my best to clear all things about shipping a surfboard in the easiest possible way. Hopefully, you will be able to understand my words and advice and apply them for real so that you don’t have to face any problem in enjoying your holidays or dealing with your business customers.





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