Surfboards are light, narrow structures that are strong enough to balance you while surfing. Surfing is mostly done by standing up on a surfboard but for some reason, you may need to lie down or sit on a surfboard.

How to Sit on a Surfboard
How to Sit on a Surfboard

For a beginner, it is quite tough to learn all the techniques especially to sit on a surfboard. To check from a higher perspective when the wave is coming, surfers need to sit on a surfboard. That’s why a surfer needs to learn the sitting method before surfing with a surfboard.

If you are worried about how to sit on a surfboard, be relaxed because I am going to describe the methods in detail here. Keep your eyes on this article till the end to learn the sitting techniques satisfactorily.

How to Sit on a Surfboard?

As you have to surf in the water, you can’t just sit on a surfboard easily in the water. You need to follow some techniques before sitting on a surfboard and follow the waves. In this segment, I am going to tell you the tricks of sitting on a surfboard step by step.

Lie on your surfboard

Lie in a prone position on the surfboard as if you are paddling or just paddled. In this position, try to have your balance on the board nicely.

Grab the rails

While remaining in the prone position try to grab the rails on both sides with both hands. It will assure you more stability and safety. Holding the rails, get ready to do an action like a press-up. Then try to draw the upward by pulling it with your legs forward.

Gradually sit

Now try to bring your knees up gradually on the board and arch your back slowly into a sitting posture. Try to adapt to the sitting position in the middle of the board without holding the rails.

Establish a comfortable balance

After sitting in the middle of the surfboard without the support of the rails, try to find a comfortable balance. For that, wait for a few minutes in that position and then have a relaxed balance.

Watch on the waves

Now that you are sitting on your board you can see when a wave is coming more clearly. When you see that a wave is approaching, try to bring up the nose of the surfboard by sitting back. Then grab the rails again and get ready to turn the board around.

Extra Tips

  • When you are going to sit on a surfboard, make sure that your board is relatively flat in the water.
  • The nose of the surfboard should be slightly pointed up for your comfort.
  • Gradually sit from the prone position and always try to sit in the middle of the board.
  • After sitting perfectly, wait for some time to have better control and balance.
  • Don’t be nervous when you see a wave coming. Try to turn around your board by circling your legs and feet in the opposed path.
  • Lastly, again lie on the board and paddle your board before the wave catches you.
  • Practice more and more to have a better balance and eliminate your nervousness.

Surfing is not so easy; it takes a lot of practice and time to be perfect on the surfboard. To learn how to sit on a surfboard is one of the primary techniques you should learn to become a great surfer one day.

You may need a trainer or a professional surfer to learn the surfing techniques perfectly. I have tried to ease your path by describing everything about the sitting techniques on a surfboard in detail. Now, you need to go through the whole article and then begin your practice session under a trainer.

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