Surfing can be the most exciting physical activity only if you have certain characteristics. You should have sufficient endurance, strength, power, patience, speed, and balance.

You also have to be eager enough to learn this long-term process to be a surfer. One of the very first problems beginners face is how to stand up on a shortboard while surfing. And those content will say all about this problem.

You can choose a shortboard or longboard while surfing. For beginners, shortboards are mostly suggested. They are comparatively easier to balance and control. But when you are new to surfing, going in the water and standing on the board will be tough for you. So, follow the steps here I am going to describe and learn the process efficiently.

How to stand up on a shortboard
How to stand up on a shortboard

Easy Steps to Stand up on a Shortboard

Here are 7 easy steps you should follow to stand on the board properly.

Step 1: Warm up to get the position

You should first practice getting an accurate position before you hitting the Ocean. For that, you have to lay your toes on the tail. Then put your hands on your ribcage and lift your stomach a little above the board surface.

Now, use your lower ribs to place your thumbs in line. Make sure that you are looking straight while moving your hands. And try not to use your upper body strength while taking off.

Step 2: Kneeling

After you get on the board while warming up, you have to kneel at the center of the board. At this point, make sure not to change the position of your hands and just slide your knees on the center.

Step 3: Practice Taking off

You have to practice a bit more before going to the water. After kneeling on the board, you have to keep your feet wide apart from each other. You have to the side now. You can face either right of your side or the left.

Step 4: Hitting the Water

Now you can go on the water with a flat swimming position while taking your board with one hand. When you have reached a considerable deepness, you have to lay the stomach on it and start paddling. Use both of your arms while paddling. Now, you have to continue paddling until you get a perfect wave toward you.

Step 5: Catch the Wave

You have to be ready when you will find a perfect wave coming towards you. Wait until you reach the edge of it. When you are just there, raise your torso and arms on both sides of the board. Now, put your dominant foot lifted while keeping the other in front of your body. Now, it’s time to ride the wave facing the side you choose just when it is crashing on the water surface.

Step 6: Riding the Wave

It is the final move and so, be careful. First front foot on your chest line. Make sure to keep your legs wider than your shoulder width. Bent your knees to your center of gravity.

Now, transfer your weight on the front leg by pushing your hips forward. You have to make the stance more comfortable by dipping your back foot slightly. In this phase, make sure that you keep your arms up and use your front arm to reach the nose of the board.

At this moment, you have to position your head up to look forward. Your head will be straight along with the board if you keep your arms up. If your head is not straight, you make not make the perfect move. So, make sure that your arms are in the appropriate position.

Step 7: Keep Going on the Board

You have properly stood on the board right now. Make sure that your head is about 3 to 4 feet above the board and your arms are in their proper positions. Here, you have to stand in the middle of the board using your dominant foot. Also, you should keep your back foot about 2 to 3 feet apart from another one. Now, you have got the right place, and it’s time to surf like a pro.

How to stand up on a shortboard Step by Step Video Tutorial

How to stand up on a shortboard Video Tutorial

I am warning you again that surfing is not an easy thing to be master overnight. You may not get all the steps at your first move. But you should keep trying and I am pretty sure that you will make it up very soon. For more surfing information, stay connected with us. And inform us if you have any confusion left about today’s discussion. Thank you in advance.


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