Surfing is the most exciting sport and you’ll feel it only when you can do it properly. But the most number of beginners end the mission by giving up. To be true, it’s not very easy to learn surfing perfectly.

What you need is to learn the basic techniques. And so, today we’ll cover up the basic techniques of how to surf a shortboard.

To surf is not just a sport but an adventure. You need patience, endurance, and most importantly, the courage to be a pro surfer. The ocean is not a very calm place and so, you have to ensure a proper balance and control over your body to stay standing on the surfboard floating on the water surface. However, learning the basics may help you to learn surfing with a shortboard.

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Earlier Preparation

You cannot just go to the sea with any surfboard. You need to prepare first. You also need the appropriate shortboard as well. So, first, have a look over the following issues to be prepared for surfing.

Be Patient and Persistent

I’m not here to motivate you and cheering you up saying it’s nothing to be worried about. Well, to say it honestly, surfing is probably one of the most difficult sports with lots of risk factors. However, don’t think about being a surfer if you have limited patience. You cannot surf properly in a day or in a week. It needs hard work, high persistence, and strong obstinacy.

Most people can’t ever learn surfing in their first 6 months. Often it takes years to learn it. I’m talking about learning it, not being the pro. It may take decades. So, if you fail to surf in your first week or month, there is no reason to give up. Even, you should be sure that you cannot do that so earlier. That doesn’t mean you stop practicing.

People say that practice makes a man perfect and that happens here too. You have to keep practicing for months after months and then you can learn it only if you know the basic techniques properly. So, if you have the guts to learn it at any cost, you should keep going.

Can You Swim in The Ocean?

You are going to surf in the ocean and you don’t know how to swim properly. It’s not more hilarious than jumping from a plane over 12 thousand feet without a parachute. However, make sure that you can swim smoothly in the ocean even when there are big waves.

Buying the Appropriate Shortbread

You are learning how to surf a shortboard here. So, you have to assure that you have the appropriate shortboard as a beginner. Most of the time, experts prefer surfing with a longboard if you are a beginner. But from my experience, I can assure you surfing with a shortboard won’t be harder than that with a longboard. However, you should have a shortboard from around 4.5 to 5.10 feet.

Basic Surfing Techniques

Once you ensure the earlier preparation, you have to learn about the techniques and I am here to make you aware of them. Have a look over the following techniques and try to follow them when to start surfing.

First, you have to learn how to float and paddle on your shortboard. This is the first step and it takes more time if you are a beginner. For paddling, you have to find the right body placement. Here, you should prioritize the place from where you can control your body to make a balance.

You should keep the board as flat as it is possible on the water. It will help you stay balanced. It also improves the floating experience.

After that, you have to learn to pop up. Pop-up will be harder if your shortboard is too shorter. That’s why experts suggest starting it with a longer board. Making a subsequent balance, you can place your legs on the equal gap points from the center.

You should practice popping up as more as you can. But first, you should try it on the land instead of the sea. It will help you to ensure a better balancing on the water surface.

Once you learn to pop up properly, you have to learn to ride on the waves. It’s also a harder part of your surfing journey. Here, you should keep your back foot at the rear pad and bend the knees with your weight on the back foot. Then you have to steer with your front shoulder. Soon, you’ll find you are riding on the waves.

All these techniques may sound easier but they are not so simple. You have to practice month after month to learn them properly.

Final Thoughts

Once again, I’m asking you if you are determined to learn surfing. If yes then learn how to surf a shortboard properly. You should practice at least 3 to 4 times a week and the practice session should not be less than 1.5 hours and more than 2.5 hours. Taking good care of your health is also very important here. So, first, be aware of all the factors and then try surfing. I’m not saying it’s easy but it’s not difficult enough to say ‘impossible’.

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