In most of the cases, beginning finds it difficult to turn on a surfboard. Sometimes, they just use their torso instead of your legs while turning. Also, they lean too much with their upper body instead of weighing their back leg as the pivot of the board.

And often they don’t want to lock up the knees or stay too tall during turning. Those are the common issues they fail in turn. And so, today, I am going to discuss how to turn surfing.

The following steps may be helpful to you. Make sure that you are following the steps one by one and don’t miss any steps. But you have to remember it as well, that surfing is not like playing carom. You have to be patient and try hard. However, let’s how to turn surfing into the most efficient way.

How To Turn Surfing – The Best Guide
How To Turn Surfing – The Best Guide

Step by Step Ways of Turning on the Surfboard

Step 1: Getting to your foot

At first, you have to get your feet instantly when you are planning to make a turn. It is a very essential and first step as it makes the white-water wave comes up to give you the big push. In this case, if you take too long to get on your feet then the surfboard will get slower just because of the extra time you’re using to get upright.

Next to then, you will face another wave that will come along to push you further toward the shore. If things are happening like that, it indicates that you have missed the chance to attempt your turn.

Step 2: Choose and take direction

However, you have to find exactly where you want to go. You also have to decide which direction you are going to take just before you catch the wave.

Now, you have to look down the line properly. Then you have to angle toward the right direction naturally just when you are on your feet. And this part is a vital one for your set up to turn.

Step 3: Lead with your body

At this time, you have to use the last step so that you can lead your turn. You have to keep your head, shoulders, and hips aligned with your turn. Now, try to let your head lead and your shoulders and hips just follow the line that your eyes set a few moments ago.

Here, you have to remember that you shouldn’t try to throw your weight to the right or left. It is essential to turn or think about your feet and their way. If you are regular in skateboarding or snowboarding then you don’t have to worry as your instincts will lead you to shift your weight onto your toes or heels. However, try to be extra careful as this part can make you fall anytime.

In this case, you can think about your head, shoulders, hips, only if you need to make it simple and then look exactly where you want to go. Then you have to lead your movement with your chest. It will help you in shifting your weight properly.

Step 4: Prepare to set the rail

Now, you have to stay calm over your board. Make sure not to be so determined with your upper body. Besides, try not to give your board time to turn with your movement. If you try to make a turn anyway and bend over at the waist to balance properly, it will make a problem.

However, at this time, you should allow your upper body to look down the line. Also, make sure to allow the board to follow so that you can set your rail.

Step 5: Set the rail

Now, you should just set your rail. Most of the beginners just continue to turn past exactly where they should set the rail and fall off. In that way, you don’t need to set your rail. Think like you have two rails on either side of the fin. And you have to continue riding down the line. So, you just have to apply a little weight of your body to the rail closest. It will help you to keep the wave to stay on it.

Sometimes, you can just think about staying on that rail. And it will be enough to subconsciously shift your weight. For that, you can just take it as you ride down the line just before you get worried thinking about applying pressure to that side of the surfboard so that you can see if it is enough or not.

Step 6: Learning the second direction as well

Following the steps, you can easily be mastered in one direction. Don’t forget to make sure that you should have to master the other direction as well. So, when you’ve got both down, you’ll be able to move in and out of the wave while turning with the big waves.

How to turn your board on Unbroken Waves. Bottom and Top turns.

Final Thoughts

I cannot say that you can be mastered in turning your surfboard just by reading this content. Go to the sea thinking that you will not be successful for many times. But your patience and hard work won’t go in vain if you follow all the steps of how to turn surfing. Hopefully, you understand them well. Still if, you have any questions about it just inform us in the comment section. Thank you, a million times, for staying with us.

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