Often people, especially beginners ask whether they should wax the foam surfboard or the soft surfboard. To be true, it depends on your surfboard. If you have a soft-top surfboard with a super grippe deck, then you don’t need to wax it. But such a board is pretty tough to find out. In that case, you have to learn how to wax a foam surfboard and do it.

So, today, our plan is to discuss the easiest way to wax your soft-top board. We have tried multiple ways to wax foam boards and found the easiest one that I am going to share. You will also find the necessary tips to do it properly. So, keep concentrated and wax your foam board easily.

How to Wax a Foam Surfboard

How to Wax a Foam Surfboard
How to Wax a Foam Surfboard

The following step will show you the easiest way to wax your surfboard. Don’t skip any step. Otherwise, you end up failing on your project.

Step 1: Cleaning your surfboard

first, you clean the surface of your soft-top surfboard. You should use the degreasing solvent to clean it properly. There are different types of degreasing solvents on the market. You should try the eco-friendly and non-toxic one for sure.

Step 2: Apply basecoat

Next, you have to apply basecoat on the surface. Basecoat is a type of solid wax. The function of it is to help the standard wax to stay adjacent to the board surface. However, you have to combine the basecoat and apply it over the board. Check it twice if all the place on the board is covered with a thin layer of basecoat.

Step 3: Apply the surf wax

This is the main task where you have to apply the surf wax. You will get surf wax with different types and levels of thickness. While buying one for your soft-top board, you should look for the soft wax over the colder one. At the same time, you better go for the stiffer wax rather than a warmer one. While applying, you can try cross-hatching so that the pattern can be developed.

Step 4: A second wax job

A few days after you apply the surf wax on the board surface, it will turn grayish. It is high time, you should scrape the layer off. At this moment, you can repeat waxing for a second time just following the previous step.

Step 5: Get rid of the older wax

Now, you have to get rid of the older wax. And it is a very easy process as you can just melt it in only 30 degrees Celsius. You can normally keep it for a while under direct sunlight or just use your hairdryer to melt it.

Step 6: Scraping off the top layer

Scraping off the top layer of your soft-top surfboard is also a very easy process. You can just use a comb to do it. But often it results in a pile of discarded wax. And you can use it to make candles or anything similar.

Step 7: Wiping the thin wax layer

It is the final step and here, you have to swipe out the thin wax layer on the board surface. Here, you can just use a cloth and fill it with beach sand. And then you can use this cloth to wipe the board with anew layer of wax.

This is how simple waxing your soft-top board will be. Hopefully, you can do that by yourself. But I would also like to share a few tips to do it properly. Just have a glance over the next part.

Necessary Tips

Here are the following tips to wax your foam surfboard.

• Try to do all these tasks in a shady place.
• You shouldn’t work with wax in very hot weather over 35 or 40 degrees.
• Try to keep the surf wax inside a plastic bag to avoid sand mixing with it.
• Make sure that you are keeping the wax in a dry and cool place so that it won’t get melted.
• Don’t avoid applying basecoat wax if you have to surf in cold water.

So, you have learned the easiest way about how to wax a foam surfboard. Did you see that you need nearly no special item or device except the wax itself? Also, the process is very easy and effortless. Hopefully, you have no confusion left about this issue. Still if, you have any, don’t forget to ask in the comment section. Thank you for staying with us.

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