How Much does a Surfboard Weight? The Complete Chart for Shortboards and Longboard

How Much does a Surfboard Weight? The Complete Chart for Shortboards and Longboard

Surfboard weight is one of the major factors to consider while buying. While carrying a surfboard in a bag or under the arm, you must have thought of a common question “what is the weight of this surfboard?”.

Sometimes we see differences in weight according to size, material, and others.

Today, I will give a clear idea about the topic “How much does a surfboard weight?” Every surfer should learn the appropriate weight of different boards and buy the perfect boards. So further any more discussion, let’s get the chart.

Surfboard Weight Chart

While researching the topic, I mainly separated the weight into 2 parts; short surfboards and long surfboards.

The short boards generally come with an average weight of 6-7 pounds. But the long surfboards weight average of 15-16 pounds. The weight sometimes varies from model to model. Here I am providing a chart of weight with respect to size for specific ideas.

Does Surfboard Weight Really Matter?

Many of us don’t care about this fact and take it normally. But the weight of a surfboard can completely change the flow of surfing.

If you aim at going faster while surfing, then a light board will be perfect for you. The speed depends on the weight of the board. If the board is lighter, then it will go faster.

In the case of floatation and buoyancy, the light boards will remain ahead. Have you ever noticed, the shortboards always run faster than the longboards?

In the case of surfing space, you will get more advantages of having a heavy board. It will give more space as it is thicker, wider, and lengthier.

Factors that Affects the Weight of a Surfboard

1. Overall Size

The overall size includes width, length, and thickness. A wider, thicker, and larger board must provide a large surface area and comes with a larger foam core. As a result, the board will be slightly heavy. If you have short arm them I don’t recommend a wider and thicker surfboard for you. You may face some problems while carrying it.

2. Additional Accessories

We attach different types of accessories to our surfboard for our own purposes and making it attractive. Most of them are tiny and light. So, we don’t pay attention to them. Have you ever thought about the combined weight of those accessories?

We generally add fins, traction pads, leashes, waterproof cameras, camera mounts, stickers, and others. If you want a lightweight board then you should get rid of such accessories.

3. Waxing

Waxing is important for long-lasting performance. So, almost every session we wax our surfboard. So year after year the waxing later is increasing along with the weight. Most of us make a common mistake while removing old wax. If you can remove it properly then it will add more weight.

If you don’t know “How to remove wax from surfboard?” then you can check out this article.

4. Repairing

Repairing the board can add some weight to your board. In the case of short damages, it doesn’t affect so much. But in case of big ding, it is required to use additional materials to fill the damaged places. Such materials are heavier than constructed materials. As a result, the weight raises.

I think you have already got enough idea about the topic “How much does a surfboard weight?” Again I am mentioning, shortboards generally weighing 6-7 pounds, and longboard weighing 15-16 pounds.

I have also described a chart for a clear view. Must check out the point where I described different facts that adds extra weight to the board. You have learned the weight but are do you know “What length surfboard do I need?” If you don’t have a good idea about this topic, then also check out the topic as well.

Thank you for reading the article.


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