There are few facts to consider while choosing a surfboard. Surfboard size, shape, and body weight are some of the most important facts. Most of the people fail to choose the right size board for them.

The size depends on your body weight and experience. The kids, men, and women will choose different sizes of boards. If you anyhow fail to get the appropriate size, you will never feel comfortable whole surfing. The beginners will never be able to learn surfing properly without getting the right size board.

I think you have already understood why it is so necessary to choose the right size surfboard. Today, I will discuss the topic “What length surfboard do I need?”

So keep reading and figure out the appropriate board for you.

What Length Surfboard DO I Need?

I will discuss the point providing 2 charts, one for the beginners and another for intermediates.


Chart for the Beginner

Weight Range (kg)Weight Range (lbs)Surfboard Length
50-60110-1328’0″ – 8’6″
60-70132-1548’2″ – 8’8″
70-75154-1658’4″ – 9’0″
Fig: surfboard chart for beginner


Chart for the Intermediate

Weight Range (kg)Weight Range (lbs)Surfboard Length
50-60110-1327’2″ – 7’8″
60-70132-1547’4″ – 7’10”
70-75154-1657’6″ – 8’0″
Fig: surfboard chart for Intermediate

I have already given the chart of size concerning body weight and experience. Now I will make it easier for you to figure out the appropriate size for you.


Surfboard Size for Kids

From the chart we see the appropriate surfboard size for a newbie surfing kid is 7′ 2″ – 7′ 4″

If your kid is experienced, then the appropriate size is 7′ 0″ – 7′ 2″


Surfboard Size for Women

The beginner women will choose a surfboard of 7′ 4″ – 7′ 6″. If you are a healthy woman then choose a bigger one (7′ 6″ – 7′ 8″)

The pro women surfer will get a board of 7′ 2″ – 7′ 4″. The healthy one will choose the board of 7′ 6″


Surfboard Size for Men

The beginner men surfer will get a surfboard of 7′ 6″ – 7′ 8″. If he is a heavy person (90+kg) then the appropriate size is 7′ 8″+

The professional will choose a slightly smaller size. The perfect size for a pro men surfer is 7′ 6″ – 7′ 7″. For the heavyweight people, they will choose one of 7′ 8″


How to Choose the Right Surfboard?

I have already discussed the size of surfboards for different persons. Now I will discuss a bit more.

• The beginners will choose a super stable surfboard. They help to get in faster and easy to paddle. Also, choose one with an above-average padding/flotation ratio.

• In case of an intermediate, the appropriate surfboard will be 1 palm higher than this height.

• If you generally surf in small to medium size waves then a longboard or funboard is appropriate for you.

• Get a proper idea about your overall weight and height then figure out the proper size.


The main purpose of the article is to discuss the topic “What length surfboard do I need?” I have already given a chart of size according to weight. The women men and kid, everyone can calculate the proper size surfboard for them.

Never buy a surfboard without ensuring the appropriate size. It will be a waste of money. Again, have a look at the chart and the discussion. Surely, you will be able to find the right size board for you.